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(Solved): PUP 301 Introduction to Urban Planning: Assignment 1 Wicked Urban Problems in the News...

Assignment Overview
Wicked urban problems are all around us, often in the news surrounded by controversy. This assignment requires you to analyze the news and identify an example of a “wicked” urban problem making headlines.

Completing the Report
Search the news for an article about local decision-makers attempting to address a “wicked” urban issue in a city. The issue being addressed should clearly fit the three criteria for “wickedness” discussed in class. Identify an article about a specific real-life example (South Mountain Freeway excluded), not just an article about wicked urban problems in general.

Write an analysis report that clearly addresses the following for the case study you identified:
--What is the problem that decision-makers are trying to address?
--What do decision-makers blame as the cause of the problem? What are other potential causes?
--What solution have decision-makers identified in this case? What are other possible solutions?
--How is the problem, or the solution identified by decision-makers, linked to other problems?

Your written report should be 1-2 single-spaced pages in length.
Your report must be structured using the following headings:

  • Defining the Problem
  • Possible Causes
  • Potential Solutions
  • Links to Other Problems

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