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(Solved): PUP 301: Assignment 2—Comprehensive Plan Evaluation...

Assignment Overview
The best way to learn about comprehensive plans, is to review an actual plan itself and analyze its various components. This assignment requires you to conduct such an analysis of a comprehensive plan of your choice. You will gather evidence from the plan by interpreting its various components, and critically evaluate the overall content in a written report.

Completing the Report
Search the internet for a copy of a current comprehensive plan for a city of your choice. Make sure it is the city’s comprehensive (general) plan. Include a citation for this source (including internet link) in your report.
Write an analysis report that clearly addresses the following for the comprehensive plan you identified:
--What was the plan’s time horizon (e.g. 20-year), approval process, and public participation involvement?
--How clearly are the current and (projected) future conditions of the city presented in the plan?
--How clearly are the goals of the plan presented? How are the goals similar to (and different from) the eight common goals of comprehensive planning outlined in class?
--Examine three specific proposals included in the plan. How clearly do these proposals connect to the goals of the plan?

Your written report should be 1-2 single-spaced pages in length.
Your report must be structured using the following headings:

  • Plan Background
  • Current and Future Conditions
  •  Plan Goals
  • Proposals and Connection to Goals

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