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(Solved): WPC300 Assignment 1: Excel Fundamentals Jan 2021 update...


Assignment 1: Excel Fundamentals

Started: Jan 2021

Quiz Instructions

Read the Assignment instructions


Start with datafile: Graduate Inn Data.xlsx

Change the submission file name to: YourFirstName_YourLastName_Assignment1.xlsx

Answer the following multiple-choice questions. 

Note: When you are asked to submit a screen capture, you need to make sure that your name is part of the capture.

When possible, use a separate excel sheet to answer the questions below. 



Question 1        2.5 pts

Provide a screenshot that shows the 3 additional columns indicated in the assignment guidelines (one page is sufficient)


Choose a File

Question 2           2.5 pts

When categorizing the total revenue by room type, we can use which of the following Excel capabilities:

Group of answer choices

  • Either a pivot table or the Sumif() function
  • All of the answer selections are correct
  • Pivot Table
  • Sumif() function

Question 3              2.5 pts

The type of match to use in a Vlookup() function to assess the resort fee as a possible additional cost for a particular room is:

Group of answer choices

  • An approximate match
  • None of the answer sections are correct
  • A fuzzy match
  • An exact match

Question 4                2.5 pts

How much resort fee above the daily rate did Carlyle Charleston pay?

Group of answer choices

  • $105
  • 0
  • $150
  • $35

Question 5              2.5 pts

What type of the room did Carlyle Charleston stay in?

Group of answer choices

  • Quincy Adams
  • Bay window
  • Luxury
  • Ocean View

Question 6             2.5 pts

What was the total revenue for the Graduates Inn in December?

Group of answer choices

  •   $20,751.45
  •  $23,985.50
  • $23,128.95
  • None of the other answers is true

Question 7              2.5 pts

Provide a screenshot of the pie chart that shows the divide of the total revenue in December by room type. Ensure that the percentages for each slice are shown.


Choose a File

Question 8               2.5 pts

Which room type generated the largest total revenue?

Group of answer choices

  • Side
  • Luxury
  • Ocean
  • Bay-window

Question 9        2.5 pts

What was the total of revenue for the Bay-Window rooms in December?

Group of answer choices

  • $5,010.00
  • $14,861.90
  • $3,257.05
  • None of the other answers is true

Question 10            2.5 pts

Upload the excel file with all sheets that you created to answer the above questions. Don't forget to add your name to the filename. 


Choose a File

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(Solved): wpc470 strategic management  Quiz1. score 20 out of 20...


Quiz1. strategic management 

Question 1

4 / 4 pts

William Ackman is a hedge fund manager who owned a large share of J.C. Penney stock. He was also a member of the J.C. Penney board. He tried to get the CEO fired, but the board and top management said he breached his boardroom duties when he publicly disclosed information about the CEO search and financial condition of the company. He resigned from the board of directors. This is an example of a contentious relationship between:

  •   all of the stakeholders.
  •   the capital market stakeholders and the organizational stakeholders.
  •   the organizational stakeholders and the product market stakeholders.
  •   the capital market stakeholders and the product market stakeholders

Question 2

4 / 4 pts

Greenleaf Property Management has been earning below-average returns for the last three years. Which of the following statements is true?

  •   Greenleaf will be able to minimally satisfy the demands of each stakeholder.
  •   Greenleaf will not be able to minimally satisfy all stakeholders.
  •    Greenleaf will need to prioritize the demands of its stakeholders based on the political influence each wields 
  •   Greenleaf will be able to satisfy its multiple stakeholders easily as long as the stakeholders are committed to the strategic mission of the firm.

Question 3

 / 4 pts

Henry Ford once said, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” The invention of the car is an early example of:

  •   products that were not imitated by competitors.
  •   rapid technological diffusion.
  •   the march of globalization.
  •   disruptive technologies.

Question 4

4 / 4 pts

Refuge Nursing Homes, Inc., (RNH) has been highly profitable in the past 10 years, providing its investors higher returns than those earned by its direct competitors' investors. RNH has a reputation for providing high-paying managerial and hourly-employee jobs. However, recent investigations have revealed that the nursing home residents have been provided substandard care, including non-nutritious and unappetizing meals, non-functional medical equipment, and inadequate patient-care staffing. Which of the following statements best describes the situation?

  •   RNH has earned above-average returns and so has satisfied the needs of all relevant stakeholders. 
  •   RNH has prioritized the demands of capital market stakeholders and organizational stakeholders over the demands of product market stakeholders. 
  •   RNH has been attempting to minimally satisfy the demands of all of its stakeholders.
  •   RNH has been earning below-average returns, so it has had to prioritize the demands of its various stakeholders.

Question 5

4 / 4 pts

The Princeton Alliance Church states on its website that "PAC exists to help you live life to the fullest by knowing God, developing community and bringing hope." This pronouncement is MOST precisely a statement of organizational:

  •   values. 
  •   vision.
  •    structure.
  •    culture.


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(Solved): COIS51030 : Professional Computing : YEAR: 2019-2020 (Semest...



Module Title: Professional Computing
Module Code: COIS51030
Method of Assessment: Coursework


SECTION 1:   Computing Professional, Ethical, and Security Issues                                              [40 marks]
Prepare an essay on the following topics:
A. Differentiate cyberethics, computer ethics, and internet ethics. Is sharing games or programs with your co-workers acceptable as long as you don’t charge them any money? Give your point of view with the given statement. (100 words)

B. How would we know if the personal data collected is used unlawfully through social networking platforms? (100 words)

C. You are one of the information technology staff of ABC Travel and Tourism Company (fictitious name) that sells travel packages online. Consider some reasons that programs such as java applets that run on client machines are considered security threats. Outline at least three specific things your company should include in its security policy that would minimize these threats. Consult sources on the internet and don’t forget to cite the materials. (200 words)

D. As an employee, what are your responsibilities for the protection of your company assets? (100 words)

SECTION 2:      Effectiveness of Information Systems                                                                 [40 marks]

A. In learning institutions, do computers bring more benefits or problems to the students and teachers? (100 words)

B. E-learning and Information Technology integrations are relevant in Oman particularly in the education system have given the importance of connectivity to less-developed, areas in the sultanate. Though the Ministry of Higher Education has stated that bachelor’s degrees cannot be offered online, some schools – including the Arab Open University – have been given exemptions from the government by offering a percentage of face-to-face presence in its open learning courses.

Do research why Arab Open University is exempted in this case. What do you think are the reasons bachelor’s degrees cannot be offered online while many of the universities worldwide are offering online degree courses. (300 words)

SECTION 3: Smartphone and Web browser                                                                                   [20 marks]

A. Discuss the issues that a user might encounter using a web browser on a smartphone to view a web page. If you are a web designer, what would you do to address those issues that you have identified? (200 words)




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(Solved): MKTG 4600 Assignment 2 Financials : Score for this quiz: 10...

MKTG 4600 Assignment 2 Financials

Score for this quiz: 100 out of 100

Submitted Dec 20 at 11:15 am

This attempt took 29 minutes.



Retailer Z Physical Stores Income Statement                                ( In Millions)

Retailer Z Income statement in Millions

                    (Online store)

Net sales




     Less Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)




Gross margin




    Less operating expenses (SG&A)




Operating profit margin




    Less other income (expense), interest, taxes




Net profit margin







Gross margin as % of sales




Operating expenses as % of sales




Operating profit margin as a % of sales




Net profit margin as a % of sales








Balance Sheet in Millions

Retailer Z Stores

Retailer Z online






Merchandise Inventory (monthly average)




Total Current Assets




Fixed Assets




Total Assets






Inventory turnover




Asset turnover








Calculate GMROI for both divisions of Retailer Z
















A men’s clothing retailer has discovered the following variables can be used to predict, with suitable accuracy, the sales potential for proposed

store locations.


  1. Percentage of households in trade area with children ages 15-18   x  (1,500,000)
  2. Percentage of PRIZM households in trade area described as Middleburg Managers  X   (900,000)
  3. Number of households in trade area within a 20-minute drive   X   225
  4. Square feet in shopping center    X    9.5
  5. Visibility from street   +  200,000
  6. Presence of Dillard’s in shopping center   +   250,000


There are three locations being considered, with the corresponding values for each shown in the table below:



Location “A”

Location “B”

Location “C”





























Projected Sales





Given the results of your calculations, the retailer should pick Location _____ for the new store.

Type out the formula you used to calculate the answer for each empty cell.

Do not type out six zeros for any answer.  Full dollar numbers are in Millions.

Ratios should be calculated to two (2) decimal places and reported as such.

This is an individual assignment.  You should not work with anyone else on this assignment.



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(Solved): csci5233 fall 2020 final exam...

Your name:                                                                                                                                                           Score:                                        / 50.

Exam Time: 1:00pm-3:00pm

To submit your answers, follow the instructions listed below to avoid penalty:

  1. Save your answers into a Word file starting with your full name and class number, say “Smith-John-csci-5233-final-exam.doc”.
  2. Email that file to yang@uhcl.edu. In the subject line of your email, include your full name and the class number. NOTE: Do NOT post your answers to the discussion board.
  3. Be sure to send your solutions before the due time (3:00pm) to avoid penalty, with 20% deducted for each minute being late.
  4. This is an individual exam; do not collaborate with anyone else. Identical answers submitted by multiple students will be treated as violation of the academic honesty policy.

During the exam, feel free to send questions, if any, to yang@uhcl.edu.


  1. Suppose you are asked to design a wireless sensor network communication system that enables the sensor nodes (SN) to be able to communicate securely with a centralized server (CS), by providing confidentiality, data integrity, origin integrity, and availability.

NOTE: The following questions are about secure communications between a given sensor node and the centralized server. Do not provide generic description of protocols; tailor your solutions to the given context.

    1. (10 pts) Write a security policy statement for each of those security services required in this context.
      1. Confidentiality policy:

Communication between the sensors as well as communication between the sensors and the centralized servers should not be allowed to any unauthorized device or person.

      1. Data Integrity policy:

The data and information that is exchanged between the sensors as well as between sensors and centralized server should not be altered.

      1. Origin Integrity policy:

The source of information or data that is being exchanged must remain as trustworthy as possible.

      1. Availability policy:

The sensor and the centralized server must be available all the time and when needed.



    1. Designing the sensor-to-server communication protocol:
      1. (10 pts) Show how a given sensor node (SN) would authenticate the centralized server (CS) during the handshake phase. NOTE: Implement an authentication mechanism based on digital certificates. Clearly indicate the prerequisite(s), if any.


  1. There is S1 and S2, that is sender and receiver respectively and each has a public key because of the digital certificates.
  2. The sender S1 has the public key for S2.
  3. For S2 to verify S1,  It should have the key of S1

Send message:

  1. The sender creates data (d).
  2. Encrypt d using S2’s public key à enciphered data (e)
  3. Hash (d) à hv
  4. Encrypt hv using S1’s private key à signature
  5. S1 à S2: e + signature (verified)

Read message:

  1. S2 gets message from S1 à e + signature
  2. There is message decryption e using S2’s private key à d2 //confidentiality
  3. Hash (d2) à hv2
  4. Decrypt signature using S1’s public key à hv3
  5. If hv3 is equal to hv2, then (a) d2 is the correct data; //data integrity  (b) S1 was the signer of the signature out of d; //signer origin integrity (c) signer Non-repudiability;
  6. Otherwise, something is wrong, abort the operation.
      1. (10 pts) Explain which key exchange protocol (Needham Schroeder or Diffie-Hellman) would you adopt during the handshake phase to generate a session key between the two sensors. Justify your choice. Explain how the chosen key exchange protocol would be implemented in this context.


The preferred protocol is the digital signature protocol because in handshake it has two parts the signer and the verifier (send and receiver). The protocol provides three key security services: data integrity, signer nonrepudabiability and signer origin integrity. When this protocol is used, usually the sender and the receiver have the ability to know that the message that was sent has been altered and this greatly protects the network as well as helps in coming up with mechanism of protecting the network.


      1. (10 pts) Show how the send message and the read message operations would be designed.

NOTE: All the security policies must be enforced by proper mechanisms in your protocol.

Constraints: Use asymmetric cryptography to provide confidential communication.

Prerequisites: Between the sender (S1) and the receiver (S2) of a message, there exists assymmetric key.

Send message:

  1. The sender (S1) creates the data (d).
  2. Encrypt d using the pre-shared key à enciphered data (e).
  3. Hash (d) à hv
  4. Send e and hv to the other sensor.   S1àS2: e + hv

Read message:

  1. The receiver (S2) receives the message à e + hv
  2. Decrypt e using the pre-shared key à d2 //confidentiality
  3. Hash (d2) à hv2
  4. If hv2 == hv, then (a) d2 is the correct data //data integrity; (b) The enciphered data was created by someone who knows the pre-shared key (that is, S1). //creator origin integrity;
    1.  (10 pts) Justify that the protocol you designed above will properly enforce the security policies, by explaining how each of the security policies would be provided by your protocol.

Yes the protocol will be able to enforce security policies. The first policy is on data integrity. The availability of the digital signatures ensures that the data that has been sent from the source will not be altered because altering means that the two authentication keys will not be able to match. They second policy is the encryption policy where the data is encrypted before being sent therefore when it is being carried across the network, it cannot be altered and any force of interruption as the data is carried across the network is not possible.




----------------- End of the exam -----------------

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(Solved): WPC 300 : Final Exam DEC 2020 update...

WPC 300 :  Final Exam

DEC 2020 update

(Answer sheet contains 80 answers )

Score above 80% 

Question 1

Which of the following is not a principle of problem farming

  • Routinize the procedure
  • Find an appropriate solution framework
  • Teall an interesting and complete story
  • Visualize the data

Question 2

Finding pattens in data in an example of ________ modeling

  • descriptive
  • prescriptive
  • predictive
  • explanatory

Question 3

Which of the following analytical techniques can be used to find out “which month had the highest sales year?”

  • predictive
  • descriptive
  • prescriptive
  • explanatory

Question 4

Which of the following analysis can be used to understand a causal relationship?

  • predictive
  • explanatory
  • descriptive
  • prescriptive

Question 5

The process of analytics can include

  • analyze the data
  • Predict an outcome
  • Collect data
  • All of the above selections are correct

Question 6

Analytics can be used in ________?

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Marketing
  • All of the answer selections are correct

Question 7

Which of the following is not an example of data?

  • Firms proprietary database
  • Online survey data that we collected
  • Data that has already been published
  • Stock market data from a data feed

Question 8

When you are expecting a correlation between sales and profit as shown in the graph below, what kind of visualization is this?

  • Spatial visualization
  • Confirmation visualization
  • Production visualization
  • Dynamic visualization

Question 9

When the lie-factor of graphical chart is more than 1

  • the graph understates the true effect
  • the size of the effect shown in the graph is smaller than the actual effect in the data
  • the graph suggests a possible true effect
  • the size of the effect shown in the graph is bigger than the actual effect of the data

Question 10

Deleting and the grind lines in a table and the horizontal lines in a chart _____________.

  • increases the data-ink ratio
  • won’t make any change to the data-ink ration
  • decreases the data-ink ratio
  • decreases the data-ink ratio to 0.5

Question 11

Which elements is least useful in the storytelling with data?

  • Visuals
  • Narrative
  • Sound Effects
  • Data

Question 12

Adding the grind in the chart _________.

  • Decreases the lie-factor
  • increases the data-ink ratio
  • Decreases the data-ink ratio
  • Increases the lie-factor

Question 13

Which of the following statements describes one of the basic principle for creating a good chart, as defined by Edward Tufte?

  • The chart should tell a story
  • The chart should have a lot of ink
  • The chart should display grid for easy reading
  • The chart should simply stand out.

Question 14

We need to create good stories when making an analytics presentation in order to:

  • Provide a surprising finish
  • Get the bonus
  • Creating an emotional engagement with the audience
  • Know your audience

Question 15

Which of the following applies to an audience?

  • Most people respond worse to visual information vs plain text
  • Most of the information transmitted to the brain is not visual
  • Most believe that visual content engages best on social medial
  • In social medial users engage more with lengthy plain text vs video

Question 16

Fundamental principle(s) (adapted by Edward Tufte) for a vusual display of quantitative information require(s) that the chart should __________

  • Tell a story
  • Minimize graphical complexity
  • All of the answer selections are correct
  • Have a graphical integrity

Question 17

Covariance is a measure of __________

  • Non-linear association between two variables x and y
  • Linear association between two variables x and y which does not depend on the unit on the measurement
  • Linear association between two variables x and y
  • None of the answers are correct

Question 18

Which of the following is an example of a continuous variable?

  • Employment classification of an employee at a restaurant
  • A restaurant chosen by the diner
  • The choices on a lunch menu
  • The amount of time a customer waits at a restaurant before being served

Question 19

In the Phoenix area, the correlation between housing selling price and the real estate tax bill have what kind of correlation?

  • Nonlinear correlation
  • Negative
  • Positive
  • No correlation

Question 20

Which of the following is not an example of continuous data?

  • Tuition
  • Height
  • Gender
  • Revenue

Question 21

Which of the following are of interest when describing the distribution of a numerical variable ?

  • Shape
  • Spread
  • Centrality
  • AI of the answers are correct


Question 38

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(Solved): EDP 310 : L7: Quiz Score for this quiz: 15 out of 15...

EDP 310
L7: Quiz 
Score for this quiz: 15 out of 15
Submitted Nov 28
This attempt took 10 minutes.

Question 1           3 / 3 pts
What are some factors that influence the aging process?

  • Genetics
  • Lifestyle
  • All of the above
  • Environment

Question 2       3 / 3 pts
What contributes to possible risk or threats to brain health?

  • Having pets
  • Consuming alcohol occasionally
  • Smoking
  • Exercise

Question 3              3 / 3 pts
What is a common condition that affects brain health as we age?

  • Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Depression
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Question 4        3 / 3 pts
To reduce the risks of diabetes, heart disease and depression, how many active minutes should someone have every day?

  • 45 minutes
  • 60 minutes
  • 30 minutes
  • 90 minutes

Question 5           3 / 3 pts
Alzheimers is the buildup of harmful __________ in the brain.

  • Oxygen
  • Proteins
  • Neurons
  • Iron

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(Solved): WPC 300 : Quiz 12: AI...

WPC300: Quiz 12: AI

Started: Nov 28 

Quiz Instructions

Note: this is a timed quiz. You may check the remaining time you have at any point while taking the quiz by pressing the keyboard combination SHIFT, ALT, and T... Again: SHIFT, ALT, and T...

Top of Form

Which of the following examples is not an application of AI?

Group of answer choices

Predicting the exam score by scanning the appropriate text book

Optimizing traffic patterns over time

Predicting human behavior by reading natural language used

Monitoring epidemics and diseases and stopping them from spreading 

Question 2  1 pts

Which of the following is an example of association rule learning?

Group of answer choices

How frequently items are purchased in a group of transaction

How frequently a cluster can be formed in a given transaction

The association between customers and what they purchase

How frequently an item set occurs in a transaction

Question 3         1 pts

An ideal machine learning process needs

Group of answer choices

Large volume of data

Highly granular data

Extremely diverse data

All other answer are true.

Question 4        1 pts

In developing spam filter algorithms, we need

Group of answer choices

Unlabeled data of spam emails

Labeled data of both spam and non-spam emails

Labeled data of spam emails

Unlabeled data of non-spam emails

Question 5       1 pts

Which of the following techniques is a modern update of artificial neural networks?

Group of answer choices


Deep learning

Decision tree

Logistic regression

Question 61 pts

Which of the following is an example of unsupervised machine learning?

Group of answer choices

Logistic regression

Artificial neural networks

Decision tree


Question 7      1 pts

AI is not embraced everywhere in every industry because _______.

Group of answer choices

It is not very well developed

It can be operationally expensive

It is not very well understood

It is likely to fail in the future

Question 8        1 pts

Which of the following statements below is true about supervised/unsupervised machine learning?

Group of answer choices

Supervised learning require unlabeled data for training

Unsupervised learning require labeled data for training

Supervised learning require labeled data for training

Unsupervised learning require no supervision from human

Question 9           1 pts

Which of the following statements is not true about artificial neural networks

Group of answer choices

The network is modeled after the human brain in which brain cells work in a network

The learning process is similar to our brain

In the hidden layer of the networks, input data is hidden

The input layer in the network receives the data

Question 101 pts

Artificial Intelligence _______

Group of answer choices

Cannot be used for retail industry

Is a broad science of mimicking human abilities

Is a specific subset of machine learning

Does not depend on machine learning

Bottom of Form


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(Solved): PHL 360 : Module 8 Quiz : Score for this quiz: 20 out of 20¬...

PHL 360

Module 8 Quiz 
Score for this quiz: 20 out of 20

Question 1                  5 / 5 pts
Machiavelli argued that... 

  • ...it is better to lead through fear rather than love.
  • ... it is better to lead through love rather than fear.
  • ... it is better to lead through order rather than chaos.
  • ... it is better to lead through chaos rather than order.

Question 2                           5 / 5 pts
Gini argued that all leadership is...

  • ... boring.
  • ... time-consuming.
  • ... value-laden.
  • ... unethical.

Question 3                      5 / 5 pts
The beliefs, character, ethical stances, and moral behaviors of a company are called its...

  • ... pathos.
  • ... ethos.
  • ... logos.
  • ... bogos.

Question 4               5 / 5 pts
Leaders do not require followers.

  • True
  • False

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(Solved): EDP310 L6: Quiz- The Adult Brain...

L6: Quiz 

  • Due Nov 22 at 11:59pm


Please do not click on the link until you are ready to begin. You will have one attempt to complete the quiz.

Score for this quiz: 15 out of 15

Submitted Nov 20  

Question 1

3 / 3 pts

Schizophrenia does not run in families.

  •   True!
  •   False

 Question 2

3 / 3 pts

High rates of anxiety, depression, motor vehicle accidents and alcohol use are at their peak from ages:

  •   18 to 25
  •   20 to 27
  •   22 to 29
  •   24 to 30

 Question 3

3 / 3 pts

Schizophrenia is a chronic, severe, and disabling disorder.

  •   True
  •   False

 Question 4

3 / 3 pts

Recent research shows that people are better equipped to make major life decisions in their late 20s than earlier in the decade.

  •   True 
  •   False

Question 5

3 / 3 pts

The front part of the brain, called the prefrontal cortex, is one of the last brain regions to mature.

  •   True 
  •   False

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