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(Solved): MGMT 107 : Professor Moulik Individual Assignment : Posted 14 Aug 2020 ...

MGMT 107 : Professor Moulik Individual Assignment : Posted  14 Aug 2020

Individual Assignment

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Question 1: (40 pts.)

Suppose you have a consulting practice implementing local area networks for fraternities and sororities on your campus.

  1. Consider a fraternity house. Explain how a LAN could be used to connect all of the computers in the house. Would you recommend an Ethernet LAN, an 802.11 LAN, or a combination? Justify your answer.
  2. This chapter did not provide enough information for you to determine how many switches the fraternity house might need. However, in general terms, describe how the fraternity could use a multiple-switch system.

Considering the connection to the Internet, would you recommend that the fraternity house use a DSL, a cable modem, or a WAN wireless? Although you can rule out at least one of these alternatives with the knowledge you already have, what additional information do you need in order to make a specific recommendation?

Should you develop a standard package solution for each of your customers? What advantages accrue from a standard solution? What are the disadvantages?


Question 2: (30 pts.)

Define cloud and explain the three key terms in your definition. Using the Figure above as a guide, compare and contrast cloud-based and in-house hosting. In your opinion, explain the three most important factors that make cloud-hosting preferable to on-site hosting.


Question 3: (30 pts.)

Apple invested more than $1 billion dollars in the North Carolina center that will host the iCloud. For them to do so, they must perceive the iCloud to be a key component of their future. Using the principles listed in Figure 3-12 (page 88), explain all the ways that you believe the iCloud will give Apple a competitive advantage over other mobile device vendors.



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Professor Moulik Individual Assignment #1

updated 14 Aug 2020

1a. A LAN is able to connect many computers and devices within a single geographical area. LAN devices act as a router, switch, and wireless access point and can connect all computers in a fraternity house by receiving internet from an internet service .....[Buy or Subscribe to see full answer]


1b. The fraternity can implement a multiple-switch system to efficiently connect many different devices .... [Buy or Subscribe to see full answer]


Q2. The cloud is an elastic leasing of pooled computer resources via internet usually described as a‘stack’ consisting of three components: SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS.  SaaS (Software as a service) is software that is deployed through the ..... [Buy or Subscribe to see full answer]

Q3: iCloud gives Apple a competitive advantage over other mobile vendors in different ways, but the advantage is all tied to the fact that iCloud links all users’ Apple devices together through shared data... [Buy or Subscribe to see full answer]



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