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(Solved): In Your Own Words, Explain The Basic Function Of The Colon. What Are Polyps And How Do They Relate ...

  1. In your own words, explain the basic function of the colon.
  1. What are polyps and how do they relate to colon cancer?
  1. At what age should colon cancer screening begin?
  1. What are the symptoms of colon cancer?
  1. What factors are used to determine whether individuals age 76-85 should continue to be screened?
  1. At what age should colon cancer screenings be discontinued?
  1. What factors place a student at average risk for colon cancer?
  1. What three stool-based tests are used to identify colon cancer?
  1. What three tests are used to examine the structure of the colon and rectum?
  1. List resources for accessing colorectal screening.
  1. Which of the following are determinants of colon screening?
  1. What are the risks for colon cancer?
  1. What racial ethnic group(s) in Texas have the lowest colon cancer screening rates?
  1. What gender in Texas is more likely to get screened?
  1. Compared to the US, does Texas have a higher or lower percentage of its (eligible) population screened?

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