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(Solved): Enter T Or F Depending On Whether The Statement Is True Or Not. (You Must Enter T Or F -- True And F...

Enter T or F depending on whether the statement is true or not. (You must enter T or F -- True and False will not work.) If it is true do a proof and if it is false provide a counter-example (Of course the proofs and counter-examples must be written down on paper!).

1. If a divides b then a divides b^2.

2. For all real numbers a and b, if a^4=b^4 then a=b.

3. The difference of 2 odd numbers is even.

4. The square root of any natural number n that is even is even.

5. The division of 2 rational numbers is rational.

6. For all real numbers a and b, if a^6=b^6 then a=b.

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