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(Solved): COM230 Small Group Communication Lesson 1 Pretest...

Small Group Communication
Lesson 1 Pretest

Your assignment is worth 10 points.

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A small group is a collection of three or more individuals who interact about some common problem or interdependent goal and can exert mutual influence over one another.

  •  True
  •  False


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All teams are small groups, but not all groups operate as a team.

  • True
  • False


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Ideally, small groups should not comprise more than 12 people and still consider themselves to be a small group.

  •  True
  •  False


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The two basic functions of theory are to explain and predict.

  •  True
  •  False


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Variables that affect small group communication are dynamic and interrelated.

  •  True
  •  False


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If you understand how to go about that process of preparing for group discussion, your group interactions will be not only more informed, but also more:

  • Productive
  • Lazy
  • Time consuming
  • Happy


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Norms are important to small group communication because they determine

  • What is cool for the group to wear
  • How the weather will be
  • What is appropriate and inappropriate behavior
  • Whether the group will survive or not


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To check your interpretation of someone else's nonverbal communication, you should

  • Copy their actions
  • Play the central negative
  • Ignore them
  • Ask if your perception is correct


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Ineffective group members do all of the following to avoid conflict EXCEPT:

  • Give in to avoid conflict.
  • Seek out differences of opinion.
  • Find easy ways to reduce conflict, such as taking a quick vote without discussion.
  • Permit one person to monopolize the conversation.


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The _______ effective leadership behavior is behavior that meets the needs of the groups.

  •  Most
  •  Least
  •  Argued
  •  Liable


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