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(Solved): COIS51030 : Professional Computing : YEAR: 2019-2020 (Semester 2) ...



Module Title: Professional Computing
Module Code: COIS51030
Method of Assessment: Coursework


SECTION 1:   Computing Professional, Ethical, and Security Issues                                              [40 marks]
Prepare an essay on the following topics:
A. Differentiate cyberethics, computer ethics, and internet ethics. Is sharing games or programs with your co-workers acceptable as long as you don’t charge them any money? Give your point of view with the given statement. (100 words)

B. How would we know if the personal data collected is used unlawfully through social networking platforms? (100 words)

C. You are one of the information technology staff of ABC Travel and Tourism Company (fictitious name) that sells travel packages online. Consider some reasons that programs such as java applets that run on client machines are considered security threats. Outline at least three specific things your company should include in its security policy that would minimize these threats. Consult sources on the internet and don’t forget to cite the materials. (200 words)

D. As an employee, what are your responsibilities for the protection of your company assets? (100 words)

SECTION 2:      Effectiveness of Information Systems                                                                 [40 marks]

A. In learning institutions, do computers bring more benefits or problems to the students and teachers? (100 words)

B. E-learning and Information Technology integrations are relevant in Oman particularly in the education system have given the importance of connectivity to less-developed, areas in the sultanate. Though the Ministry of Higher Education has stated that bachelor’s degrees cannot be offered online, some schools – including the Arab Open University – have been given exemptions from the government by offering a percentage of face-to-face presence in its open learning courses.

Do research why Arab Open University is exempted in this case. What do you think are the reasons bachelor’s degrees cannot be offered online while many of the universities worldwide are offering online degree courses. (300 words)

SECTION 3: Smartphone and Web browser                                                                                   [20 marks]

A. Discuss the issues that a user might encounter using a web browser on a smartphone to view a web page. If you are a web designer, what would you do to address those issues that you have identified? (200 words)




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