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(Solved): CISC7320X Security Project Spring 2020 ...

CISC7320X                                   Spring 2020

Security Project

The purpose of this project is to become familiar with software that is used to detect vulnerabilities in user's accounts, computer operating systems and networks.

1. Choose a software package to install and use to analyze some vulnerability. A website that offers free hacking tools is these sites:

(https://www fromdev.com/2014/09/free-harking-toolq-harker.html,


https://securitytrails.com/blog/top-15-ethical-hacking-tools-used-by-forensic-professionals )

2.    Decide where the software package will be installed. Possibilities are on the metis network (ask me for an account), on a home network or on a laptop (to detect wireless networks.) Do not choose a network for which you have no permission to access information or do packet sniffing.

3.    Briefly describe the software package that you are installing. List your goals for the project, i.e.what you want to learn or accomplish by using the software. Note that some of the packages at the website listed above offer extensive information and descriptions; others do not. Hand in this description, the goals and the information from 1) and 2) above by 3/18/2020.

4.    Install the software on the chosen computer or network and run it. Obtain output that will allow you to accomplish your goal(s) listed in part 3) above.

5.    Write a report that describes the software, your experience running it and what you learned. The report is due 5/6/2020.

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