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(Solved): CIS 365 – Business Database Systems HW11.1 – View (50 points)...

CIS 365 – Business Database Systems
HW11.1 – View (50 points)
This is an individual exercise, NOT a group assignment.

1. View and subquery (30 points)
Create a view named 'Top_Guide' listing guides who have led more than 10 reservations. The view will display guide ID, last name, hired date, and total count of reservations.
Use the created view to list all guests (first name and last name) who have made reservations with these top guides via a 'noncorrelated' subquery. Don't show duplicate guest names.
Show the following three query statements –
1. View creation (10 points)
2. The result of your view, Top_Guide. (10 points)
3. The query to list all guests led by these top Guides (10 points)

2. View and subquery (20 points)

Use the same Top_Guide view to find the manager of these top guides.
Due Date: 11/12 EOD Friday
• Take a screenshot of your query statement and result in MS SQL. Paste all queries/results in your Word doc. (SnagIt available in ASU software tool library is a good screen shot tool)
• Convert the entire document into one pdf file for submission.
• Save your file name as HW11.1 - Student Name.pdf.
• Submissions must be posted to Canvas to be graded.

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