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(Solved): Case Study Ally, The Manager Of A Disability Services Agency In Regional Queensland, Is A Qualified ...

Case study

Ally, the manager of a disability services agency in regional Queensland, is a qualified social worker with 10 years managerial experience. The agency she manages provides accommodation and respite support to adults with disabilities in their own homes, with support provided by paid departmental staff. In a typical household, two to four people sharing their home are supported by a team of residential care workers. The officers provide day-to-day assistance and support to people with an intellectual disability by ensuring their emotional, social and physical wellbeing. Support systems include generic community services, as well as a range of specialist services in disciplines such as occupational therapy, speech therapy, physiotherapy, social work and psychology. Ally has recently received a complaint from a service user relating to a residential care worker’s lack of respect towards a person’s religion.


1) Describe two ways Ally could model ethical behaviour in her own work?

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As a manager, it is the responsibilityof an individual to be aware of his/herteam. Their religion, social and financial status, etc. This information should solely be used in situa
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