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(Solved): BUSINESS COMMUNICATION – Homework | Problem 4 ...

Each item is equally weighted. Please respond to each item carefully.

  1. Identify a small business in your community that exemplifies craft production. Provide enough detail to support your assertion that the business could be considered craft production. Explain how this business could benefit from implementing the continuous improvement techniques studied. Be specific.
  2. How is the competitive market today similar to that faced by Toyota in 1950? How is it different?
  3. List the eight types of muda discussed in Lean Production Simplified and explain an example of each from everyday life or from your work experience.
  4. In Lean Production Simplified it states, "improvement (at Toyota) was impossible without stability in the 4 Ms." Explain the 4 Ms. Discuss whether you agree or disagree with this statement and whether this statement applies to most situations.
  5. In Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) list three examples of typical tasks that are transferred to production personnel and explain how it is possible to transfer these without overburdening tasks to production personnel.
  6. Discuss three benefits of establishing standardized work. Explain what prerequisites exist to establishing standardized work for a specific task. That is, what must be true before standardized work for a task can be established?
  7. Explain how teamwork and communication are involved in each of the following types of projects.
    •  5S Project
    •  Standardized Work
  8. Draw the House of Lean and label its components. Write "5S" on the areas of the house where 5S is considered part of the component. For each section of the house identified with 5S, write one sentence explaining how 5S is related to that component of the house.
  9. If you wanted to assess how close to being a lean organization a specific facility was, what questions would you ask? Discuss three questions and explain how you would interpret the answers.
  10. Discuss standardized work. How does standardized work support lean production? How does standardized work differ from conventional work standards?

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