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(Solved): ABS 360 : Quiz 4: Landscape Design Started: Jul 20 at 2:00pm Score for this quiz: 24 out of 24...

Quiz 4: Landscape Design
Started: Jul 20 at 2:00pm
Score for this quiz: 24 out of 24

Question 1                                                                              2 pts
A scale drawing or plot plan is best done by..........

  •  using a measurement scale that best suits the size of graph paper that you are using.
  •  determining the length of all the boundaries of your landscape garden site.
  •  measuring the exact location of any existing trees and shrubs that you will keep in your final design plan.
  •  obtaining if possible a deed map of the property on which your landscape garden site is situated.
  • All of the above

Question 2                                                                        2 pts
Which of the following statements about landscape design is true?

  •  a good landscape should have unity and rhythm
  •  plants with red flowers grow faster than plants with blue flowers
  •  it is always best to make your yard look as large as possible because large yards have the best designs

Question 3                                                                         2 pts
Plant texture is mostly perceived by the size and shape of leaves.
Group of answer choices 

  • True 
  • False

Question 4                                                                        2 pts
A large 60-foot tall Mexican fan palm would be in correct proportion for a multi-story office complex but could dwarf a single story house.
Group of answer choices 

  • True 
  • False

Question 5                                                                        2 pts
Which of these is an example of a landscape focal point?
Group of answer choices 

  • A water fountain at the center of a small backyard landscape garden. 
  • A young evergreen mesquite tree in a landscape with a desert plant theme. 
  • A 20-foot long hedge row of dwarf oleander shrubs that have white flowers during the summer.
  •  A green lawn next to a 12-foot tall metal sculpture of a giraffe that is slowly rusting.

Question 6                                                                          2 pts
Simplicity in a landscape design is best described as
Group of answer choices 

  • creating a harmonious whole 
  • creating the feeling of equilibrium or stability 
  • reducing the number of elements within a landscape to its simplest form 
  • boring

Question 7                                                                            2 pts
When designing a landscape, the elements of form, line, texture and color are manipulated using the guiding principles of design..............
Group of answer choices 

  • to create spaces and connect them, and make them visually pleasing to the eye. 
  • in order to bring unity to a landscape garden theme. 
  • to make a landscape garden more useful than attractive to the user. 
  • so that the landscape garden can be sustainable.

Question 8                                                                            2 pts
A bubble diagram shows the relationships of spaces within a garden site and the movement or connections between them.
Group of answer choices

  • True 
  • False

Question 9                                                                   2 pts
Another name for symmetrical balance is formal balance.
Group of answer choices

  • True 
  • False

Question 10                                                                2 pts
Which of the following below is NOT a part of developing a scale drawing?
Group of answer choices 

  • A two dimensional representation of your site before the new landscape is installed.
  • Accurately defines the spatial dimensions of a garden site.
  • Show locations of all existing underground features.
  •  Lists all planned activities and uses of the landscape garden.

Question 11                                                                   2 pts
When creating your final landscape garden plan avoid the rookie mistake of........
Group of answer choices 

  • using colored pencils to highlight individual landscape elements on your plan.
  •  spacing the plants on your garden plan too close together.
  •  having to use a notebook to record all the special details about your landscape garden site.
  •  waiting to fit the plants to the landscape plan at the end of the design process.

Question 12                                                                     2 pts
Use carbon paper to translate the the concepts from your bubble diagram onto your final landscape garden plan.
Group of answer choices

  • True 
  • False

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