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(Solved): A Brass Rod (k = 133 W/m-K) With A Diameter Of 5 Mm And A Length Of 100 Mm Is Used To Enhance Heat T...

A brass rod (k = 133 W/m-K) with a diameter of 5 mm and a length of 100 mm is used to                               enhance heat transfer from a surface which is maintained at 200 C.  The cylindrical surface of   the rod is exposed to a convection environment with h = 30 W/m2-K and an ambient   temperature of 20 C.       

a) Calculate the heat convected away from the rod.

b) Calculate the temperature 50 mm from the wall.

c) Plot the temperature of the rod from the base to the tip.

d) Assume you are now allowed to vary the rod length and you wish to minimize the weight of  the rod while maximizing the heat transfer from the rod.  What rod length would you use?

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